Tidal Basin Engagement DC: Melissa+Ryan

God, I am so in love with this session.

Melissa and I worked for a solid month and a half to get this sucker to happen. We must have been rained out about, oh…a bijillion times, but man did it come together. And for those of you who have ever wondered if you can shoot at 6am, the answer is a resounding HELL YES. And I plan to as often as possible in the future. The light down at the FDR memorial and Capitol Hill was beyond gorgeous.

But more than that I was excited to just hang out with Ryan and Melissa. They are two of the chillest people on this planet and were an absolute BLAST to work with (hense the awesome photos).  They rocked the hell out of this session, and even though I wont be there, I know their wedding will be killer. Congrats you guys!


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