Virginia Engagement | Nick+Jordan

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Anni - These are lovely – I especially adore the photo where they’re framed by the trees, so beautiful.

small - Gorgeous session! Such a great variety of looks. I love the reflection shot especially!

bryan - sick reflection shot. love it.

Ross Harvey - Lovely stuff indeed, they must be over the moon!

dustin - such a rad couple and i love how creative the frames are, great work!

Elissa - Such a beautiful session, Porter! I love the reflection shot!

Matt Ferrell - Great job! beautiful, the reflection shot is sweet

ayesha - these are fantastic porter! gorgeous images and such an adorable couple :) love that reflection shot, too!

Sachin Khona - Stop it Porter!
These are so damn good!

Douglas Pettway - These photos have the incredible “Porter Watkins Awesome-Sauce” poured all over them. :)

Jon Yoder - Awesome work! These are so great…unique and personal. :)

Union Market DC Engagement | Hanna+Jamison

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Hanna Mustardgrene - The stickers mysteriously disappeared from the bottom of my shoes! Nice work :) Thanks again and can’t wait for the wedding photos.

Leo - Yeah, these are ridiculously good, Porter! Awesome work :)

Darren Gair - Beautiful natural series of a lovely couple. Thanks for sharing :)

Thomas - great couple shoots mate. awesome location!

gabby t - What a fun creative shoot

Brittany - Oh Porter you did it again. So ridiculously good. I love your creativity.

Shyann - These are so good! Love the ones in front of the blue wall!

Danny - Great Tones Great colors Great lines Great session!

Sachin Khona - Porter these are fantastic! Creative and magic!
So awesome!

Jen - Such a fun session, Porter! Love the colors and the energy!

james - A fantastic job porter, very well done old chap

Ardas Wachter-Grene - These are so much fun!

mathias - used a great looking location to perfection!

Maryland Bayside Wedding | Lyd+Ross

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Dennis Pike - Love this wedding, looks like it was a ton of fun. And that portrait of them on the pylons with the wind blowing is just stunning

Heather Kanilopoolos - I absolutely adore your work. <3 A perfect blend of fine art, touching the soul with beauty, and humor, burning the moments you capture into the hearts of people who see them.


Sachin Khona - in love with the black and white of them reaching towards each other ..

Nicola Thompson - WOW love the B&W of the couple out of focus almost touching hands. Amazing shot!!!

tobiah - Great shots! Love the first look shots and how you captured everyone really enjoying themselves so so much! Really well photographed

kong wai - beautiful wedding. well captured

Albert Palmer - What an incredible wedding! Love that image og him kissing her hand from around the wall.

Amy Barton - Wow – you really have captured the true essence of this wedding. Super creative and beautifully shot!

Steve Koo - Love the fourth frame with all the hands. The portraits are gorgeous as well – great work!

Natalie Champa Jennings - Your candids of the kiddos are fantastic. You really captured some great moments!

Justin - So many amazing frames! Well done!

Peggy Murphree Mark - Looking forward to the rest of the photos! MOG

Lindsay Brown - Where did this wedding take place? It looks gorgeous!

Douglas Pettway - The B&W silhouette of them touching fingertips is brilliant. Love it!!